Instrument Approach Procedures

The Telluride Regional Airport has four public instrument approach procedures to serve General Aviation, Business Jet, and Airline fleet needs. This combination of procedures provides options up to Category ‘C’ aircraft and minimums down to 1600’ above the threshold. A special approach procedure (privately maintained) with even lower minimums and expanded circling categories is also available for FAA approved operators.

For conventional, ground based navigation, three approaches are offered:
1) LOC RWY 09
3) LOC M RWY 09 (Private Special)**

Two Satellite based approaches are available:
1) RNAV (GPS) Y RWY 09
2) RNAV (GPS) Z RWY 09 (C.G. Required)

*Note: Procedures are subject to change, check the FAA website for the latest amendment.

Due to high terrain in all quadrants, changing weather conditions, and climb gradient requirements of specific procedures, it is advised that operators carefully review takeoff, missed approach and balked landing contingency procedures when considering the various instrument procedures at Telluride.

**Due to the waivers required for the special approach, FAA Flight Standards has the following requirements to consider when applying for addition of the Special LOC M RWY 9 procedure to your OPSPEC.

§ Operator(s) must have an FAA approved Advanced Qualification Program
§ Documented type specific currency, simulator, and ground training required.
§ One Engine Inoperative Performance from the MAP of 382’/nm or an AC 120-91 Contingency procedure for the aircraft listed in aircraft listed in OpSpec C081/LOA C081.
§ Aircraft must be capable of a 3.62º Glide Path in various landing configurations
§ Additional aircraft specific equipment and weather limitation requirements.

For operators or air carriers that are interested in utilizing the Special LOC M RWY 9 procedure, please contact the special instrument approach procedure coordinator for assistance with aircraft performance, one engine inoperative planning, and custom procedure design.

Phone: (1) 720-465-6170